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Recently closed an old chapter & ready to open a new.
Join me in turning these new pages..


So let’s start this again.

I’m constantly trying to revise this blog but my motivation to keep consistent with content is never maintained. Why? Because of inspiration. Probably the most cliche answer I could ever come up with.

I struggled to maintain a main purpose for this blog for approximately one full year. Reason being, I was no longer inspired to do so. It’s easy to post content just to say you did. But in order to post content that I was specifically happy with in a consistent manner, is quite difficult. I found myself over analyzing everything just to search for something that was “post worthy”. Because of this, I got tired and just didn’t want to post anymore. It didn’t feel fun to me.

This blog started with such big hopes and I was so excited. It was around this time last year that I last felt this way and have decided to give it another go but without all the extra pressure I decided to add onto myself. Without a specific theme to cater to consistently.

Initially, this was supposed to be a super dark and personal project for myself. I wanted to monitor the person I was becoming through personal experiences that I wanted to manipulate. This time around we’ll take a different approach.

A positive approach. A less formal, more carefree approach. This is an insight to my life. All my likes and dislikes, my experiences and adventures, my growth and well being. There will be moments of sadness, and there will be moments where I just need to rant. But this is a space for me to share who I am, who I am becoming, with you.

Regardless if anyone’s reading my posts or not, I appreciate you stopping by and I hope by bringing you into the insights of my mind, you take something away from it.

For a little more about myself, make sure you scroll to the footer to read a little introduction about who I am. You can also catch me on other social networking platforms (linked above and below), but shoot me a comment with your username because a few of my platforms are on private!

Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

♥ Karla