I turn 20 today. 

20 years of living also equates to 20 years of constant learning and growing, as an individual. For this year's birthday post, I wanted to do a reflection of things I've learned about life, love, friendships/relationships, and myself, over the last 2 decades. 

I hope you're able to take something away from my little (AND VERY CLICHE, I KNOW I KNOW) life lessons, in hopes that it may remind you of something or help you with your learning journey. 

HA, how deep was that? 20 has definitely made me wiser. 

also, apparently I dyed my hair purple? hehe. 


This is something I assume everyone is taught at a very early age. But even with myself, I find that I forget and will let a harsh comment or action toward someone slip up impulsively. 

It's easy enough for a child to understand, so growing up doesn't mean we should forget about this principle either. 

I grew up pretty conservative and considered myself to be one that lived on the safe side. Because of that, I've missed out on so many opportunities that I could've gained from. Taking risks is a great thing. It builds some character and adds some life experience. 

The more things you consider to be beautiful, the more positive your outlook on life will be. 


This was something introduced to me during high school. A time where cliques, and friendship groups dictated your entire being, apparently. 

It really bothered me to see people upset when their friends started hanging out with other people because it never really was like that for me and my friend group. If my friends had other friends, I was happy for them. 

No need to make your friends sad when really, their best interest should be yours too. 

Nobody's perfect & sometimes a little mistake can lead to a lesson that deserved to be learned. 

I love reading old notebooks that are full of spilled thoughts. I like reminding myself of what used to bother me before and knowing it doesn't anymore. Documenting really shows how far I've come in life, especially emotionally. And any excuse to buy a cute notebook is worth it. 

It's good for the soul. 

Okay, that's a little bit cliche. But just because crying is perceived as showing weakness, doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Sometimes all you really need is a good cry in order to pick yourself up and to do something about why you're upset in the first place. 

I always knew that anxiety and mental illness were a serious thing. But I didn't realize how ignorant I was until I went through constant anxiety attacks myself.

It's a scary thing to feel like the world is crushing your shoulders and is purposefully breaking you down. It's an even worse feeling to feel like you have no body to talk to, so you stay alone with your own thoughts.

In high school, this is all I cared about. It didn't matter if we were best friends or acquaintances; I wanted to be liked by everyone. 

After high school, I realized that the only person I needed validity from was myself and those who actually loved me. 

If someone doesn't like you, f*** it. You're awesome in your way, and they're just missing out on seeing it.

I'm HELLA ignorant and ridiculously stubborn, but I'm working on seeing things from another point of view. It's still a work in progress, but the older I get, the more I see a change of perspective for a lot of things. This might be due to growing and new experiences, but that's the beauty of living and learning throughout one's life. 

Everyone is a work in progress. That girl on social media that seems to have her life together? Yeah, she probably doesn't. So stop comparing who you are to how others might be living life. 

Different circumstances for different individuals. You're working on being the best version of yourself, so keep on it. As long as you're striving to be better in everything you do, there's no reason to beat yourself up. You're doing great.

This one's super cheesy and the saying is so overrated and overused. But it's that for a reason. 

Being alone in my room might be my favourite time of day. Gives me some time to reflect, make goals, or simply just buys me some time off of life and a moment to just relax.


Life has felt so much put together once I started to organize my days, my materialistic things, and even my thoughts. 

So start an agenda, clean your room, or even organize your makeup/closet! When you feel like things are put into place, you'll start to feel like your grasp on life is a little more enjoyable.

Indulge in things that make you happy. Now, don't blow thousands of dollars on useless materialistic things consistently. But spoil yourself or do something drastic once in a while. Do something that brings you genuine joy. 

People also stop checking up on you too. So, if you want to keep certain people around then exert some effort.

But generally, some friendships will be put back on the shelf and remain there for a while.

Sadness, friendships, hard times. A lot of things in life are temporary. I think once you grasp and accept these terms, it makes the concept of things ending or leaving much easier. 

If you're given the chance to see parts of the world, or to live in an environment completely opposite of your own - do it. 

It adds so much to your personal character and broadens the way you view your life. You appreciate certain things a little more, learn something different in every country/city, and those are memories that can't be lived through the mouths of others. Experience it for yourself.

Don't agree to something because you think you can get some validity from other people. 

If you do someone a favour, do it cause you want to or because you believe in something. Saying "yes" loosely can give opportunity for people to step all over you, and that feeling is not a good one. You're worth something, so stick up for yourself.

Don't fight for someone who doesn't want to be in your life. Hold people that mean a lot to you closely. So, if they want to leave - let them. That probably means they don't want to be there in the first place.


I'm still working on self love and realizing my own self worth. But ever since I've started to prioritize myself a little bit more, I can now say I'm becoming a lot happier.

It's so easy to get trampled by ideas of who or what you should be, especially in a generation so invested in finding value in ourselves, from others. 

Once you begin the process to love yourself and the person you're becoming, you start to realize self fulfillment is possible and NOTHING can bring you off that pedestal. 

So, that brings me to the end of my super cheesy and cliche list of little life lessons and personal reminders. 

I'm working on a concert round up vlog/post for ya'll, so stay tuned for that! I'm also headed to see Bruno Mars tonight and I'm super stoked for it, heh. 


Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

❤️  Karla