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Like my bio says in the footer, I am a big fan of poetry. Anything from written passages, to Dr. Seuss, and my favourite - Spoken word.

Spoken word's always been something I've been itching to try, but my self confidence in both my poem writing ability as well as my public speaking performance - I feel is lacking. Who knows though, maybe after writing a bit more, experiencing life a little bit more, will help me with my confidence and I may even post a couple of pieces I have laying around in notebooks or buried somewhere in my Tumblr drafts that I might want to resurface. But we'll see if I even want to show that vulnerable side of me to the internet that isn't anonymous. 

A N Y W A Y S ... 

I've compiled 5 spoken word videos I've come across on the internet over the last couple of years, that I adore and consider my top 5 favourites as of right now. Because, people are always posting their art and it's awesome when I come across it and it strikes a cord enough to become a new favourite. But when making this list, these are the 5 I would show to people if they ever wanted to ask me for my opinion on my favourites. 

5. Ruby Ibarra - Hate

This video shares such an honest message. Ruby goes on to define what HATE is in it's rawest form, as well the different kinds of hate we see in the world. She really is able to put things into perspective as a way to make you think about your actions and how you live your daily lives. I'm a big fan of her effortless but impacting flow, since it really strikes a punch to the gut while watching. 


4. Benjamin Kheng - RICH

Here it is. Here is the video that sparked my love for THE Benjamin Kheng. Kheng is known for many things like: acting, singing, musical theatre, his good looks (hehe). But the thing that drew me into him was this spoken word video talking about how financial struggles look in many perspectives and in many situations. His calm but powerful delivery kept me enticed all throughout his message. And the way the poem alone is written, regardless of his soothing voice delivering it, is written so beautifully. Warning, this one pulls at the heart strings just a little bit and can easily open your eyes for when the next time you're feeling a little bit selfish when it comes to indulging in the material things in life. 


3. Chris King Wong - The Emotive

This piece/video has a special place in my heart. It was the first piece of art that introduced me and ignited my flame to spoken word and poetry holistically. I remember being a 15 year old hopeless romantic, a sophomore in high school, and wanting to find someone who loves me the way Chris talks about his lost love. How he so beautifully expresses every little thing about her, hoping that the man who currently loves her sees what he sees. I balled my eyes out the first time this popped up on my Tumblr dashboard, and since that day - I've been hooked on poetry (especially poems about love, hehe) ever since. The video can kind of be hard to distinguish audibly due to his artistic approach of using a robotic voice, but the "lyrics" or words to the poem are posted in the description box for the video - SO, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE LYRICS WHILE WATCHING THE VIDEO. 


2. Rudy Francisco - The First Time You Said Hello

How could I possibly make a compiled list of spoken word videos and not include THE RUDY FRANCISCO. Anyone who spends time browsing poetry videos on YouTube HAS to come across Rudy Francisco at some point, and I'm happy that was the case with me. Actually, I discovered Rudy through Chris King Wong and his poem (scroll down, it's called "Everything and More") was influenced by this spoken word piece "The First Time You Said Hello". Everybody knows Rudy for Scars/To The New Boyfriend or Love Poem just to name a few - but this is the poem that made me fall in love with him. 

" she visits my dreams,
so I see her at night and then I see her again during the day
and whether or not she physically passes my way,
the day we met begins to play and rewind in my mind at least one time every thirty minutes;
that’s like forty-eight times a day;
that’s like 336 times a week,
and she makes me weak in my knees and I can hardly speak,
like that old school song by SWV." 
- Rudy Francisco. 

and last but not least..

1. Chris King Wong - To The Girl That I Will Someday Marry

And now we've made it to my #1 top pick!!

As you can already probably tell, I'm a huge Chris King Wong fan (clearly, this is the third time I've mentioned him on this list already) and I am quite sad he isn't super active in posting up his pieces. But it does take a lot of inspiration and experience to put something together that you can be 100% proud of - so i definitely understand. Let's also mention, any type of production takes up a lot of time and creative energy!

This poem is so beautifully done both lyrically, in the cinematography, in the presentation of the poem - just in my eyes, everything about this video and concept is perfection. 

Anyways, to keep the theme of love poems going, it's only fitting that my FAVOURITE spoken word poem on the internet is basically a recited poetic love letter talking about the future love of his life. How at times finding love can be quite frustrating and confusing since you never know where to look or when it's about to come. How he's afraid that his true love will never come, or if she does, he might not have all his love left to give since he's given it all away in the process of trying to find her. But he reassures her that if she to ever surface onto his life, he will treat her as best he can with everything he has left - even before knowing who she is. 

" You see
I've been looking for you
In the middle of stand-still traffic
In between the pages of every empty photo album
In the still and silence of the night air
And sometimes
I fold my poems into paper airplanes
Throw them into the breeze
Hoping that the wind will fly them to your doorstep
Just to let you know
That I
Am thinking of you always"
- Chris king Wong. 

just as a bonus, here are a few more videos/performances that didnt' quite make top 5 but i still love and adore!

So those were my top picks for spoken word pieces! Feel free to comment down below which was your favourite and please share with me any poetry pieces or spoken word performances you guys love! I'd love to hear what you guys are into. 

Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

❤️  Karla