The best way to get over obstacles is to acknowledge you had enough emotional hurt, and to accept you must throw in the towel, let it go, and move on to bigger and b e t t e r things. 

Life's been throwing so much shade towards me lately.

Here's what I've learned from it. 

Sometimes tackling life's hardships doesn't require a dramatic confrontation, or facing it head on with your best action packed move. Lately, life's been making me feel like sucking things up, biting my tongue, and resisting the want to be right or to come up on top, is the right move to make.

Sometimes it's just best to pick your battles, and to forfeit when it's best to do so.

Giving up doesn't mean you're any less of a person, nor does it mean you have less dignity than you thought you originally had. It simply just means that you're strong enough to pick battles worth fighting, and when things don't go your way, you don't hold onto to pride long enough for it to bring you down. Life plays itself out and you're able to to face better events in the future. 

I struggle with the letting go concept. I like to milk out all these life events that make me happy, until there's no more left. From experience, I'm usually left in sadness *cue dramatic rain and me walking on the streets with my head down*. But other than knowing when it's too much, letting go is just as important. It's so easy to feel spite towards people or situations when things don't go your way. But what you do with that spite characterizes you as the better person in the end. 

I hate the idea of letting go and sacrificing things to help my happiness in the long run, even if it's just for the mean time. It's so easy to get caught up in temporary happiness that sometimes the long term is at stake.  But that's how you do it. That's how you get over life and all the problems (trivial or not) it throws at you. The fact that i'm able to do it with my head held high shows that it's possible to walk away from hard situations with a better outlook on life. 

Getting over obstacles doesn't have to be easy, but it's worth so much more when it's done with a head held high. 

So this is the point where where i'm compelled to want to thank people.

Thanks to the people who taught me what love, forgiveness, and friendships actually mean. For throwing obstacles my way so that I can say I lived and experienced it all with you. Thanks for teaching me that it's okay to be selfish, and for helping me realize that putting myself first is important. Thank you for everything. 


Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

❤️  Karla