Hey guys,

I just wanted to introduce a new project that i’ve been working on. It’s a blog collaboration between my best friend and I and we couldn’t have been more stoked for it. TheMindUp  (link is also in my header) is basically just a positive space for us to share our opinions and interests with you, in hopes that you get a little something out of anything. Whether it be a new product we have been trying out, travel stories, hauls, books; basically anything that comes of interests to us.

We’re both super stoked to have started this together just because we have always felt like our fun times together needed to be shared. We considered the whole “let’s create a vlog series together” idea, but we both felt like we were better off sticking in the realm of a different medium – blogging.

So make sure you check it out!

I won’t be neglecting Turning New Pages, as both of these projects are stuff I do with leisure. Turning New Pages like i’ve explained before, is something I do when I feel inspired or bothered when emotions and events get the best of me. Whether that be positively or negatively. Though, I cannot predict if TheMindUp will be more consistent than Turning New Pages and I cannot promise that either will be consistent with content.

Nonetheless, I really appreciate the people who click, come across, and maybe read a few of the posts. It’s a bit scary putting yourself out there because you’re so vulnerable to behind the back criticism. Regardless, if you take something away from either projects, my satisfaction level will be beyond belief. So thank you for taking the time.

Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

♥ Karla