Freeport, Bahamas. (March 2015)

It's been approximately 2 years since my cousin's wedding in the Bahamas. Also, 2 years since I've gone on vacation. *Sigh*

Reading week just wrapped up, and I'm still trying to pick up the slack from all my procrastinating, while still being in the midst of midterms and what not. I'm not liking my second semester as much, reason being, I'm not very comfortable in this sem's classes. I'm taking classes to finish my requirements for my faculty, so my weak subjects I've saved for the final stretch.

Since the long for a vacation is sooo real, I decided to depress myself more by looking at pictures from my last vacation - Freeport, Bahamas. My family and I went during my senior year, March 2015, and boy was that break amazing. The resort was beautiful, the water so blue, the food to die for, and everything was so drama free. Winnipeg at the time, was so cold, and it was nice to get away from it.

It's a developing island, but the atmosphere of the place was so happy. Everyone was so happy. That's such a refreshing environment to be in considering it feels like everyone who lives on a main land, is always busy with life and never take the time to sit back and see the beauty the world has to offer. Though, it was a resort atmosphere and you're supposed to feel that way, it was just such a breath of fresh air to actually soak in the warm breeze. Fun fact: crime rate is like 1% and a lot of people keep their doors and windows unlocked, since robbery happens almost never.

Bahamas was a nice reminder to celebrate life and love. My cousin got married (reason for why we were there in the first place) on the resort, and it was just nice to see her loved ones around her and her husband, celebrating their love and their new life together. The days before and the days after the wedding, being on the resort, was just a good kick in the gut to remember that pampering yourself, taking a break from reality regardless if you're at home, on a resort, or wherever, and just loving life; it's a good thing to do for yourself physically and mentally.

We need mental clock outs once and a while to keep ourselves sane and happy. Remind yourself why you're blessed, and maybe list down everything you're thankful for. Life is crazy and there's so may components to it that we forget it's beautiful at the end of the day. 

*The vlog's nothing special and is really poorly executed, but no need to be harsh, it was fun to do.

Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

♥ Karla