We tend to think that what we do in our own lives and the people we surround ourselves with, shape the person we become. With that being said, we never really take the time to recognize the people that are around externally and still have an equivalent influence. I’m talking about influencers, social media personalities, or even that person with the bomb ass outfit/look you cross paths with way too many times and think “Damn, they look so good” *crying face*

One of my greatest influences is somebody I haven’t even met. She’s done so much to help build my character over the last 5-6 years and it’s ridiculous because she doesn’t even know I exist. Let me introduce Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters if you haven’t been blessed by her yet. She’s a YouTuber and Social Media personality with over a million followers on Youtube. Very relatable, honest, and just somebody I consider a close friend even though we aren’t friends directly.

So how does she relate to me loving myself you ask? Well let’s rewind to 2012 me. I was obsessed with thrifting and YouTube so videos about thrifting on YouTube was how I was spending my 15 year old days. I stumbled upon her Thrifting With Me video and that sparked a major interest because she was someone I wanted to be. Her confidence, her outfits, her personality and collected composure all seemed so ideal. Since then, I’ve binged watched all her videos more than once (including the one’s with Sarah because what’s ClothesEncounters without her, cmon now that lipstick collectionvideo gives me life), and keep notified to whenever she posts some new content.

College Jenn specifically, really helped with me becoming comfortable with myself in terms of how I looked and how I perceived myself. Along with the way she spoke and her corky personality, it really reminded me of – well me. A less awkward, more mature and lived out version of me. She taught me that I could wear whatever I wanted because I wear it for me, and not for other people. It’s okay to be a bit bold and to make a statement because blending in is boring. I learned continuously to not give a single damn because if you think and feel cute, that’s ALL that matters because taking pride in yourself is the best feeling. Ultimately, when you love and care for yourself, a natural confidence comes with it and people notice you in a positive light. 15 and 16 year old me loved the idea, and I was then able to establish a look I thought worked for me.

Somewhere along the way, I lost myself and my ability to feel good in terms of how I dressed and how I presented myself. I’m definitely not the most fashionable, and I’m really a “Plain Jane”. I lost my touch to see beauty or potential in something people would make out to be nothing. I resulted to knowing that I no longer love myself the way I did a few years ago. So I’m making it a goal to go back to that. I’m beginning my journey to love myself once again and I leave that all thanks to Jenn for reigniting the flame. I browse through old and new videos, plus her pictures and I notice her growth as a person and as a business women. It reminds me that I should grow with her as well for my own personal reasons. And though any type of growth will always have it’s obstacles, in the end you get amazing and positive results.

Thanks Jenn for giving me some sort of reassurance to be a bit different. For finding gems in the dirt because there is beauty in everything. And while I’m slowly working my way out of the ground once again, I’m really excited to see where this new motivation to be the best possible version of myself takes me once again. I’m not striving to be a fashionable person, nor am I striving to fit the mould of what I should look like. I’m simply striving for my own happiness and this reinvention, if you will, is much needed.

Make sure you check Jenn’s IG, YouTube, and her other platforms out! Trust, once you’re hooked, you stay hooked.

Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

♥ Karla