I don’t know if this #TBT works on blog posts too, or if it’s strictly used on IG photos or tweets. I also don’t know if I wish to make this an actual segment on my blog.

Anyways, I was cleaning out my laptop the other day and I didn’t realize how much footage I had taken during my visit to my mom’s province (rural area) back in the Philippines. A lot of the footage is really raw and very shaky and in no way was I able to capture the heart of these people entirely. Nor the beautiful and lively scenery I would wake up to everyday. But, this is for you.

For every person who let me into their home and welcomed me with open arms. For every child who took my hand and showed me into their world. For every girl who opened their hearts and shared their secrets and wildest dreams with me. For every person who prepared a meal made with love. This is my salute and thanks to you, the people of Duripes, Ilocos Norte. 

Of course, it was amazing seeing the architecture of the futuristic looking malls and buildings in the Philippines. And it was so much fun munching on all the Chowking I could get a hold of. But other than the westernized type of things and lifestyle I was already familiar with, being in the place and the house my mother and grandma grew up in was what people would call a culture shock. I guess in my case, a lifestyle shock.

Was it hard to deal with? I think most people would say so. But when traveling, it’s hard to be very closed minded and to have a small perspective because you really cannot get a complete grasp to what you’re about to experience. I went into it knowing things would be confusing, and that I was going to question every little action. The more I accepted that people do things differently compared to what I was used to, everything was so much more enjoyable.

I took so much away from the trip, but the one thing that stuck with me the most; no matter what your financial status is, no matter what your family history is or how much you’re struggling in any way possible, everyone is capable of smiling and loving life. Someone’s going to have it harder than you, trust me. But it’s how you carry yourself and how you enjoy the fact that you’re simply just living day to day. 

I really hope you enjoy my video, even if it doesn’t do my whole experience justice.

Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

♥ Karla